Business Development

Direct mail remains an effective tool for generating new business as well as customer retention. At Ultimate Imaging, we strive to be more than just a vendor, we’re your partner. Our team will custom-tailor direct mail campaigns into your web and social media strategies, driving traffic and moving decision-makers from the interest step to enthusiastic customers and champions.

Our digital printing expertise allows for the design of personalized solicitations which generate higher response rates. By engaging our clients and learning about their ideal customers, we can use targeted mailing lists and underlying demographics to present their products or services in a “one-on-one” experience to prospective buyers.

Here is an example:

A pool construction company in Central Texas has many different types of designs and design elements that vary in costs from $25,000 to $100,000. When past orders were analyzed versus the neighborhoods they were built in, general buying patterns emerged. Mailing lists were ordered that targeted the common buyer demographics (kids, no pool, right amount of household income) and then various graphics were gathered for use on a jumbo full color postcard. Overall 9 different versions were used based on these variables:

Entry level pool/deck | Financing offer | No kids
Moderate level pool/deck | Free spa offer | 1-2 kids
High end pool/deck | Upgraded decking offer | 3+ kids

This approach made it more probable that pool scene graphics and the special offers shown to the prospect were in-line with their needs and desires. Using the family name in an eye-catching way within the design further personalized the cards. Finally, having unique offer codes for use when they visited the corporate website or phoned in for a consultation helped track the results.

And this is just one approach… our experienced team can offer several tools, strategies and ideas to help guide your business to the growth you want. Ready to start? Contact us for a free consultation.