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By taking advantage of the following benefits for digital and offset printing, you can maximize the value of your printed products.

On-Demand Digital Printing

Ultimate Imaging specializes in beautiful full color and economic black/white digital printing.


  • Durability. Digital presses use a combination of heat and compression to bind toner to paper, and unlike ink, will not smear, smudge or bleed when wet.
  • Quality. Digital presses render crisper images than offset printing, with equally consistent colors.
  • Fast turnarounds. We live up to “on-demand.” Our standard turnaround time is 2 business days or less.
  • Low pricing on short runs. Don’t order a large quantity of materials offset just because the overall cost per unit appears less expensive. Digital printing enables you to keep quantities and prices low, so you can keep your content up-to-date and not get stuck with wasted, obsolete inventory.
  • Variable Data Imaging. With Variable Data Imaging, we can intigrate the data you provide to create individualized marketing pieces unique to a particular contact, all within a single print run, such as customer name, products purchased, recommended products, branch location, etc.
  • Get Full Color for the same price as 2-Color. Why limit yourself to just two colors when you can use all of them? Our digital presses are true 4-color process, and have precise spot/Pantone/PMS color matching systems.
  • No set-up fees. Because we send files directly from computer to printer, there are no set-up charges to burn plates, mix inks or adjust press equipment.

Offset Printing

Ultimate Imaging is also equipped to handle your offset printing needs. We will always be forthright with you in evaluating the pros and cons of digital vs. offset printing and making recommendations depending on your the specific requirements of your order.


  • Low pricing on large runs. Offset presses run higher quantities (starting at 2000-5000+, depending on product) with greater efficiency, which enables the unit cost to go down.
  • Fewer colors, lower cost. Minimize your costs by limiting color choices.
  • Variety. Offset is better equipped to handle thicker and larger sheets of paper. Especially useful for items such as pocket folders and special die-cut materials.