Buyers Marketing

Your Unique Buying Proposition!

Order Form (With Examples of Buying Strategies)

As a real estate professional, you are your brand and how you market yourself is important. Through consistent, strong branding and marketing, you will become memorable.

Mission Statement Card: What is Your Purpose? Introducing yourself with your Mission Statement is an important first step, but never forget: Your Unique Buying Proposition is all about the buyer and not all about you.

Buyers Mission Statement Card

5 Testimonial cards: How Clients Feel About You. Testimonials can be a powerful tool to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

Buyers Testimonial Card

6 Step Buying Strategy Cards: What Can You Offer.  Your Unique Buying Proposition needs to focus on what the buyer can gain from doing business with you. Don’t just get in front of your market tell them why they need you.


Buyers Strategy Card